The Secret Door

Excellence In Writing Award in the 'Top Secret 2016' competition

I was walking by the river, I lost my family. It started to rain, my vision blurred. I thought I saw frogs with crowns. I rubbed my eyes. I heard footsteps behind me. My torn clothes were soaked. I ran and ran. I tripped but kept on running. I found a brick castle. I couldn’t help myself; I knocked.
A lovely lady welcomed me in. She dried me and made a bed for me, I watched, confused. She was running around crazy. She was stacking mattresses one on top of the other, when she left to get more mattresses, I snuck out of the room. I ran upstairs and passed a room with a blue door. It was a room more like a never ending forest. Piles of snow covered the ground. I saw many trees.
I stepped in, I looked down at myself, I was wearing a pink woolen skirt and black tights. I touched my head. I had a beanie on. I ran and ran, and this time I was happy. I passed a cave. I heard roaring. A lion came out. I saw a house in the distance, I walked to it. I looked up to the sky, I saw a flying pig holding sticks and straw. Stars twinkled in the sky. I pushed the door open. The sweet smell of porridge wafted out the door. By now I was hungry. In the kitchen, there was a girl with glass slippers on. I looked at the couch, and there sitting on the sofa was Mum and Dad. Then we all heard a roar outside... Uh Oh.


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