Early Autumn Sunday

It was a early autumn Sunday morning and my first soccer game for the season. My team took the pitch and I took my position in central striker. We got off to a good start with me kicking the first goal of the game another goal was quickly scored by my brother. Our team was on fire everyone played well together and by halftime we were leading 8-0. In the second half it was my teams turn to kick off. Our right winger passed it to me and I dodged through every player on the other team and scored another goal. I was on a hat trick. Our team was passing it around to get it to the forwards the right winger got the ball and did a great through ball to me. It was a 1 on 1 with the goalkeeper. I kicked the ball through his legs and I had a free goal in front of me so I took the shot and I scored my first ever hat trick. Shortly after that goal the final whistle blew for full time. We had won the game 10-0. It was a great win for the whole team. In our team huddle at the end of the game I was fortunate enough to be named MVP for the game.



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