Drops of water tap upon the roof, we know the weather as rain. The clouds that were once ocean blue has suddenly turned dark gray.

Ever so loudly unlike the sound of silence, the raindrops rapidly fall. They make a tune with such ominous secrets, for one so cool and small.

They trickle down the window panes, one racing against each other. Some people describe them as bold and brave as they don’t need any cover.

The raindrops look like tiny diamonds that falls down from the sky. Noises identical to screeching brakes, the winds start to amplify.

Roaring sounds of thunderclaps shake our bodies as we fear. Boisterous children scream under the table, covering their ears.

Everyone was happy yet sad when the noises started to fade. Kids that came out from under the table were no longer afraid.

After overcoming their fear of thunder, flocks of robins sang their song. The dreaded storm has finally passed and the blurry clouds have gone.


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