A Bony Death

I walk home to an eerie silence and feel an evil presence stalking me. I shriek as something places their hand on my shoulder, its fingers are long and bony and almost tear my leather jacket. The thing begins to speak, but I dare not look at it. It begins to yell for me to turn; I slowly sway around ready to scream help. But instead of turning to look at a human, I have turned to look at a paranormal freak show. My body is screaming on the inside but he is threatening me with a knife. He asks for my money, I hesitate and give him a dollar coin. He then gets me in a headlock and threatens to cut my head off and in tears, I begin to murmur, "I don’t have anything more." He walks off and mumbles, “I'll be back.”
The next night, as I was sleeping, I felt the cold breath of an undead soul and my body is screaming to run but I can’t move. I’m frozen with terror. I just want to scream, but my mouth is just opening and no sound comes out. The thing whispers in a voice of a killer, he said that he would be back and he begins to walk around my room. He is speaking to himself whilst he searches for things of in my draws. I’m still frozen, but I can speak, I try to reason with this monster, but it just keeps throwing my stuff around, looking for something. I finally am able to let a shriek out, but before anyone comes to help, he has slit my throat and is running away. I wake up in what looks like a hospital, but that monster is still here. I hear his deadly laugh and then the doors slam. I begin to cry as I realise what is going to happen.


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