Neurotic Nightmare

The sharp movements of the creature as it inched up to me. Hot tears falling down my paled face as my thoughts became neurotic. The creature opened its gaping mouth to display gnarled teeth pointing every which way with a gelatinous fluid dripping from the melanoid cavern. The very sight made my heart overwrought with immeasurable terror. The monsters transparent eyes shook my soul down into a void of thrown away emotions. A corrupt scent emanated from the creature’s decomposing form. Its bones fraying the leather like skin and leaving a repulsive display of dishevelled entrails. My throat was parched with my futile attempts to scream. The monster stumbled closer with its deformed and tortured fingertips that resembled burnt out branches; it finally met my skin. A whine of utter terror and disgust pasts my lips as the sinuous flesh dug into my shoulders skin. Blood pooled and ebbed down my arm as the monster hungrily moaned. Blade like talons transfix themselves into my muscle and my mouth finally forms a scream only to stare deep into its eyes. It looked melancholy and despondent as if to feel remorse for me. Eyes softening I realize that it was reaching out for me, but its form betrayed its true intention. Silence clouded everything as it became suffocating. The monster shook and a soft sob echoed; I could not tell if the monster made it or I. My eyes began to neutralise and the heart I so loved began to cease beating as blood had left my body. My body fell limp but I put the palm of my hand against the monsters decayed cheek; and before I knew it my body had met its demise. The monster wept as it lamented over another’s death. Its forlorn form slowly staggered away off to find another; another who would understand.