Half Locked, Half Trapped

Half locked, half trapped banging made, sticks tapped
Noise echoes tapping flows tap, tap, tap
Freedom waiting chances fading
Wind flows, tapping to the beat as it goes
Whispering, whistling wild, wind
Tap… tap… tap… tap, tap, tap
That’s what I hear, that’s what I do
No key, not free, half locked, half trapped
Then… keys rattle, bars banged, door swings open
Finally out but I still feel half trapped
I wonder around then… Up there, up in the tree something strange I see
Wind rushes in, wind blows, wind rushes in, wind flows
Swaying branches rattling leaves
Eyes looking down at me, eyes from up in the tree
Hiding, hiding from the ground below one last glance and then it goes gone,
Gone somewhere hidden hidden forever, forever hidden


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