Global Injustice - Mental Health

How is it that when you’re physically ill, you get nothing but sympathy?
When you’re in hospital, everyone visits and the family tells everyone about your pain,
And you’re treated like royalty, and given gifts
And receive letters from your classmates and friends hoping you get well soon.

But when you’re mentally ill, you just need to “Toughen up, Princess”
Nobody visits, nobody cares,
It’s a family secret, they’re all ashamed.
And if something happens, there’s a pre-set cover story to be told,
And they don’t care to know the causes, and don’t listen to the facts
Only want their problem to be solved, and the situation over.

How can we treat mental illness so casually?
Would you tell someone with a broken leg to walk it off?
Would you tell a girl in a wheelchair that it’s not a big deal?
And yet someone suffering from depression should just “Be happier”
And if you have severe anxiety, you’re just over-reacting and need to chill.