Earth. Full of wonders, colors and excitement. Building over time and exploding with a pop! Bang! Sizzle! With momentous monuments and frivolous flirts. Beautiful souls glisten across the horizon as their dreams expand and begin to impact the world with such a twist that a playful smile tugs at the faces of those watching and all are watching, gazing in awe. Mouths splayed open and a silent gasp escapes their lips before applause and cheers erupt from the audience. Imaginative ideas leaf off growing into branches containing breakable visions who refuse to shatter. Day dreams morphing the lines between their realities as their dream worlds collide. Inventions flipping the switch between imagination and authenticity. With nothing to distinguish they move on accepting anything and everything around. Breaching the surface and scattering the stars, these souls move forwards. Their light never to be tainted. The earth can be an amazing and spectacular place.
But like all else contained in this galaxy it has its downsides.
Earth. Collapsed building, uprising, blood splattering, bullets flying and screams being carved into our minds. Controlling continents, plagues spreading, inhuman interests intriguing some to dive into the realm of unholy sights and gory scenery. Blood becoming the paint of artist whom rose up from the depths as their presence was requested. Almost too perfect cosmetic’s plastered over faces hiding deep secrets and trailing scars. Wounds upon wounds litter young souls diminishing their light and snuffing out their dreams against their wills with the never ending and always growing darkness. Hidden inside all hearts, cracking at the inside, chipping at the corners, shattering their resolve and tainting their inspiration. Devotion becomes fixation, love becomes obsession and joy becomes nothing by a faraway dream, considered nothing but an unreachable goal. Closing in on those who dare cross to their side. To those who dare divulge their secrets. Mental illness plagues across the valley’s capturing and torturing those with light hearts. Mind twisting and turning with the evil being spread through the air as if a cruel fog closing in on a town. Blackness caped the town, inhuman screeches imprinting into all brains, as Demon’s march on. Hallucinations become a living lucid nightmare, in which no light can tip the surface in fear of being consumed and swallowed by the darkness. Bodies dropped like flies, weapons in a never ending duet, clashing all around smashing and crushing those deemed weak or unworthy. Nightmares roam free controlling whoever they want, taking whatever they want, leaving behind nothing but pain and misery. Disfigured creatures claw for an escape from this new found home. Stealing children, creating havoc in a world that can take no more. The taste of disgust hangs in the air, the smell of decomposing flesh expands, rotting corpses roll forth. Sanity, nothing but a distant past, a history long forgot. Insanity controls all inspiring hate fuelled rampages containing screeching children, slashing all around, as weapons are draw and the never ending battle continues the war rolls on.


25 was established in 1997, and since then we have successfully completed numerous short story and poetry competitions and publications.
We receive an overwhelming positive feedback each year from the teachers, parents and students who have involvement in these competitions and publications, and we will continue to strive to attain this level of excellence with each competition we hold.


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