Fairest And Best

In 2014 I had won Fairest and Best for the Boyup Brook Roos Football Club. I had a great year, an exceptional year. I got a superpower from someone named… Glen Jakovich!
The first football training back I was pumped about versing Deanmill. At training I had been running well as normal, so that was good. I got used to feel the ball and loved kicking the ball around to my team mates.
Finally it’s my first football match against Deanmill. I had a yummy banana smoothie for breakfast. So we left at 7:30am and arrived at 8:00am to warm up and put on our awesome magical jerseys. We ran on the field and got to our first positions. I was in the centre of the field where the awesome football had got thrown up. I didn’t get the footy much in the first two quarters of footy except a couple of goals. Then during the third quarter, I didn’t do anything and the last quarter I did terrible.
It was the second training back when I saw… Glen Jakovich! I went to get his awesome signature on my West Coast Eagles poster. I talked to him and shook his hand. I felt like I was in heaven after I had shook Glen Jakovich’s hand! It gave me heaps of power that I had never felt before in my life. That night, before the second game I was already seeing myself playing really well.
I was the 2nd best player in the game against Tigers, so I guess my thoughts weren’t exactly right. But I was much better than the week before. So I think I might be getting a superpower, who knows? I actually think I might be getting a superpower because it might be a gift from an imagination ghost of some sort. When I got back from footy against Tigers, I was kicking goals on my footy oval and practicing my skills for the rest of the season.
It was the game, two days before my birthday. I had prepared myself to get the ball a lot. It was the start of the game against Kojonup. I got the ball and got a clearance. I kicked a few goals in the first quarter. The second quarter I had got the ball a lot and I kicked only the one goal. The third quarter It had been my best quarter yet, I kicked four goals and got the ball heaps.
It’s the end of the season and now it’s the football wind up. I am feeling very confident that my superpower had given me good luck this football season. I knew that I would win the best and fairest trophy. At first in the presentations, all of the team had got their own medal. Now it was the trophy presentations. Our Coach picked up the best and fairest trophy and then the Coach called out… my name!


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