Face It

Blood rushed through my body as fast as a lion. My heart pumped with nerves as I stepped nervously in the classroom. A thousand eyes perched on me. I felt like I was surrounded by owls. The teacher sat me down next to a beautiful girl who looks like she would be a great friend. But I thought wrong. She was glaring at me as if I was her prey. Suddenly the teacher announced out my name to the class, “Mia Sanchez.” Every one burst into laughter. “What a horrible name,” people shouted out. Embarrassment took over my face and cold crystal tears trickled down my face. Then I heard Mrs S say, “Pack up everything and I will see you tomorrow.” I slowly slumped out of the room. Ever since my family has been moving around so much I felt that I haven’t belonged anywhere. That night I made a wish when I saw a shooting star. I wished that I had a magical land with people who respected me and loved me. That morning I woke frightened as ever as big stumpy trees surrounded me and trolls strolled around the forest and centaurs grazed peacefully. I thought this must be a prank but no one was around so I ran around looking for mum and dad but I could not find them. I fell to the ground. My heart broke. I must be kidnapped but why would they bring me here? Suddenly I heard a voice, “Your Majesty.” I looked up extremely confused, “What did you call me?” “Your Majesty Queen of Natholen. You dreamed this world and everything in it. The animals, the respect and love but you also dreamed one bad thing. His name is Thamaldor. He challenged us to a war.” Suddenly a piercing sound rang through my head. “It’s time,” the boy whispered. “Who’s here?” I shouted out in desperation. “Thamaldor.” I looked up astonished as a muscular man with dark red gleaming eyes and a long black scruffy beard announced to begin the war. I looked over at the boy and he looked like he was depending on me to win the war. So I took a long deep breath and had faith that I could win no matter what and I BELIEVED IN MYSELF. When I was ready, I slowly approached the man and his gang and said over and over again, “Believe, believe, believe,” then all of a sudden everything went white. Then people started saying, “We won, we won, all because of you.” I felt so happy that I saved this land but I must get home to my land to make things right. “Anything you want,” said the boy. “Just take this and you will be home.” I swallowed a small cup of potion. I woke up in my bed at home with a lesson I got taught in Natholen. It was not to run away from your fear, but to march through it. The end


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