Fairies And Fruit People

Once upon a time there was a little forest on an island in the middle of the ocean. It was a magical forest.
The forest was very colourful. It had lots of beautiful bushy coloured trees. There are pink, yellow, light green and light orange trees. Every trunk has a face on it that talks and has little arms.
In the middle of the forest there is a rainbow waterfall that runs all the way through the forest. The waterfall was yellow, red, purple, orange and blue with silver sparkles on top of the colours. If you drank the water from the rainbow waterfall, it will make you super happy. Red and blue fish jump in and out of the waterfall.
There are magical creatures that live in the trees. On each leaf there are tiny homes in the shape of a mushroom with a chimney. It keeps the house warm when it’s cold and cold when it’s hot. The homes look tiny from the outside but it is very big inside.
In one of the tiny homes there lived a fairy named Miss Chiro and her best friends Miss Mirror and Miss Rainbow. One day they flew down to Mr Mack the tree to ask if he had heard of the fruit people.
Mr Mack told them “Yes, but nobody has been able to find them. Go ask my sister two trees behind me, she might be able to help you.” So they went off to talk to Mr Mack’s sister.
“Hello Mr Mack’s sister,” they said.
“Hello, You can call me Miss Flowers. Who are you?”
“I am Miss Chiro. These are my friends. We want to ask you if you know about the fruit people.”
“Yes I have a map. The wind blew it the other day and it landed on my branch. Here you go, I have been keeping it safe for when somebody came to ask about the fruit people.”

So the three fairies went searching for the fruit people, following the map’s directions. It was long and they were tired but at last they made it. Behind the rainbow waterfall they saw a pineapple with a face, arms and legs. They followed the pineapple to its village where they saw a mandarin, orange, banana and strawberry. The fruit people were as tiny the fairies were. Miss Chiro, Miss Mirror and Miss rainbow decided to go and talk to the fruit people and invite them to their home and introduce them to everybody.
The fruit people were so excited. They said they didn’t know about the other creatures in the forest. When they went on the other side of the waterfall, they never saw other creatures. Miss Chiro told them to knock on the tree trunks to wake them up then they can ask them anything. The trees can tell them where to find the other creatures.
When they got back to the fairies’ village they met everyone and they all had a party. The fruit people kept on visiting.


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