Match. Set. Burn.

She burned blue while he burned yellow. She was always blue except when with him,
He lit her soul and vanquished her demons within.
He was a rainbow but mainly yellow,
He was a happy in general type of fellow.
She thought that together they burned bright,
Filled the dark with the purest light, Refreshed them both so they would be anew.
She had fears of what could happen,
If they stayed so bright for long.
Would they flicker? Would they break? Would nothing happen afterwards? Would they burn into the blackest coal? Or burn a fresh, new match, new flame?
She could find out, if she tried,
But she was scared of trying to die.
They would flicker side by side,
Never together but still trying,
She stayed for freedom from all her heads screams,
He stayed to have someone to talk to,
Who cares.
They could light up the whole world,
But she was just a scared of trying girl.