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Egypt's Mystery (Short Story)

by Sophia Austria, Grade 4, NSW

“So, we’re finally in Egypt!” chimed Kirito, departing the plane, joining Asuna. Along with Asuna, Hiyori and Yato, Kirito was on holiday, in which their destination was the barren land of Egypt.
Smiling while retrieving their luggage, Asuna said, “This is where our new adventure begins!”
Bored, Hiyori followed their bland tour guide, scurrying after the rest of the group after stopping to take sips from her water bottle. “I thought that Egypt’s guide would be eccentric,” thought Hiyori. “Turns out I was wrong.”
“Are you bored?” asked Yato, who cared greatly about his companion. “It’s already sunset. We’re camping nearby the Great Pyramid of Giza tonight.”
At this, Hiyori immediately brightened up. “Now is time for something interesting to occur,” muttered Hiyori mischievously.
Asuna, who was eavesdropping, whispered to Kirito, “We may be entering Giza tonight.”
At the stroke of midnight, the group snuck into the great pyramid, with a glint of curiosity in their eyes. Once entering, Kirito brought out his torch, shining a light onto the walls. Yato, on the other hand, stared at the symbols, saying, “Hieroglyphs! What do they say?” In comparison to the others, Yato was not very bright.
Asuna said excitedly, “I can read it!” scanning the walls, she said, “Do not trespass or suffer.” As she said this, the ground separated, imprisoning them in a dark vault. In the vault, Kirito shone a light onto the walls, revealing pure gold.
“It’s made of actual gold!” exclaimed Hiyori, as she stared at the majestic walls. Suddenly, the vault was opened, revealing two servants dressed in Ancient Egyptian clothing. The servants were there to escort them to a pharaoh’s throne room, an offer they gladly accepted, although Asuna had some doubts.
At the throne room, they realised they were at Queen Cleopatra’s time period, in which they weren’t the slightest bit curious how Kirito bombarded Cleopatra with history questions, which she gladly answered. Meanwhile, Asuna was thinking, “We travelled back in time somehow, but the answer is still unknown!” As of her own accord, Asuna unexpectedly collapsed, causing her friends to worriedly attend to her.
“I met Queen Cleopatra!” yelled Hiyori, who woke up everyone with all of her noise.
“Impossible!” said their puzzled tour guide, in a tone of disbelief.
“But it’s true!” said Yato, defending his friend.
At this, everyone just laughed at the foursome, clearly thinking they’re mad.
“You’ll see,” muttered Hiyori, who ran, along with Yato, to proclaim the wonders they saw to the people of Alexandria. Their proclamations just earned them more humility, but in the end, they provoked the people to send archaeologists to investigate.
They sent archaeologists who also entered the pyramid of Giza, doing the exact same things our protagonists did, but to no prevail. They weren’t imprisoned in a golden vault neither where they transported to Ancient Egypt. Because of this, the archaeologists declared them frauds.
“I guess we’ll never be believed,” said Kirito, enabling the others to neglect the mystery.

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