Harry Potter And The Ether's Prophecy; Sneak Peek

Harry Potter and The Ether's Prophecy

Harry and his family spent the whole day looking for Lily but returned home without her. Lily had gone missing that morning during breakfast, and her family had spent the day searching for her. That night, Harry and Ginny lay awake for hours , hoping that their little girl would come back home. "Do you think this has got anything to do with Voldemort?" asked Ginny drowsily.?
At once Harry's scar pained and then he was Voldemort, looking down at a struggling Lily. She was accompanied by two Death Eaters, one of them with a horribly familiar face. "Where is the vase, Potter?" demanded Voldemort coldly. "Or you face death." Voldemort drew his wand. Lily shrieked, "The Weasleys, I gave it to the Weasleys!" Voldemort pocketed his wand and turned to the Death Eaters. "Find the Weasleys, and bring them with the vase, now!" Voldemort cried. The Death Eaters let go of Lily and disapparated. "And," hissed Voldemort, turning to Lily,"I will keep you here, perhaps for a while longer."

Harry became Harry again, and sat up to find Ginny with a horror struck face. "You were screaming and yelling," Ginny said, shaking. "Your scar hurt again, didn't it?" "It did," Harry whispered, " And I know where Lily is." Harry and Ginny dressed and then they both cast a spell to tell their children that they had left to find Lily. Then they disapparated.

They both appeared in front of Bill and Fleur's Shell Cottage and then they hesitated for a moment. "Are you sure this is where you saw Lily and Voldemort?" asked Ginny. " I'm positive," replied Harry, and then catching Ginny's questioning look,"And a little scared, I suppose." Ginny smiled. They both stepped slowly through the gate. Suddenly they saw Bill and Fleur walking slowly towards them. " 'Arry!" cried Fleur joyfully. "Eet eez wonderful to zee-" "Shh!" protested Ginny, pulling Bill, Fleur and Harry into a nearby bush. Two Death Eaters apparated right where they were standing before. Harry sighed and drew his wand. "Muffliato," Harry whispered. "What, when, how!" Bill spluttered, confused. " Newsfeed, You Know Who is in your house," Harry breathed tiredly.

"What!" cried Bill and Fleur together. "No!-" "Yes," interrupted Harry. "He's taken little Lily inside with him, and he's just sent two Death Eaters to take a vase from The Burrow." They all glanced at each other for quite a time. This was then interrupted by a CONFRINGO, then a loud bang. Voldemort had just blasted the door of the cottage into smithereens and had exited. Ginny, Harry, Bill and Fleur hid deeper into the bush. By Voldemort's side Lily was trapped in an enchanted floating sphere. Lily had a glimpse of Harry's glasses and made a hand signal to tell him she was okay. Suddenly Voldemort took off, gliding towards a distant hill, taking Lily with him. "I kn-know where h-he's going," stuttered Bill. "Tow-wards the s-same hill he killed Cedric Dig-ggory."


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