The wind swirled around Luke as he took off to the sky. He could almost touch the stars, but then he stopped ever so suddenly and started plummeting to the ground. The air whipped his face, he could see buildings coming towards him. Luke helplessly flapped his arms but he knew it was no good. Then he saw a plane. Not a modern plane but a plane from World War 2, one of the worst wars there was. He had no choice as it came barreling towards him he grabbed on for dear life. He felt like he had been ripped apart then reassembled. As he felt normal again he heard the cries of men and gun fire.

The sight was horrible men fought on the wet hills that were covered with the fallen. Men fought knowing that their life would soon end, but Luke had other problems a bomb was flying towards him. Luke jumped and hit something surprisingly soft. It was a messy heap of corpses! He ran as bullets rained on him, one hit him in the leg and Luke fell into the trench. Other men ran to assist him. But all the men fell to the ground as silver shrapnel hit them killing them instantly. A wave of dirt followed the explosion covering him in a thick blanket of dirt and stone…

Slowly Luke could feel himself suffocating before he heard a scream and an explosion blowing everything of him. He ran as fast as he could with his wounded leg. Luke could slowly feel himself dropping out of reality. Before he could blink he had passed out on the hard rocky terrain.

When Luke woke up he was in a hole. He could see a lump of dirt in front of him and a stone cross above him. He was in a grave… There was some stones that he could use to get back up. Luke almost fell three times because of unstable rocks. When Luke got out, his hands were raw. The man who was burying him ran screaming, something about a zombie apocalypse, but that's when he saw it a plane, not a World War 2 plane, but an actual modern plane! Luke could get home, but there was a tank ready to fire at the plane. Could that take him home?

Luke sprinted towards the tank and jumped inside the barrel. He managed to take out the amo. Then Luke was fired into the air and grabbed onto the plane taking him home. Luke woke up in cold sweat on the top of his mums apartment building. He saw a man with burning hot flames for eyes. Then he disappeared into red vapour never to be seen again.

That man Luke saw was the biggest question of Luke's life and Luke never forgot the day he went to war.


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