Japan's Season

Spring has come, spring is here.
Spring brought the gifts of flowers and new growth.
Pink silky Sakkara blossom sparkle as the spring rain falls on them.
Girls day brings happiness to the country,
as their paper dolls float down the stream into the ocean.
The morning mist arises; a new spring day has come.
Summer fades into a shivery night, tomorrow autumn will come to life.
Green leaves turn to red as sakkara leaves go to bed.
As the schools run an annual sports day, kimono girls entertain.
As the airports fill with tourists that come and stay, snow monkeys swim in hot springs and play.
Mount Fuji is the best of all with its high peaks and snowy slopes; Japan is the best place to go.
As snow begins to fall the first cranes sound the call, flocks of a million bird take flight to come again in springtime.
The circle of life begins here.
Spring has come spring is here.


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