Lake Of Tears

Exhausted, I collapsed to my knees stretching out for my water bottle. As the heated water swished around in my dry mouth, I laid on the ground using my bag as a pillow. My tattered green shirt now seemed to become a crop top. Falling asleep the words came rummaging back to me. ‘’Find the flower, bring it back, hurry you must go’’. Blasting up like lightning, I adjusted my eyes to the glaring light. I gripped onto my hefty bag knowing that I can’t stop until I have found the flower. Opening the parchment that was secured in my pocket, my cautious finger hovered over as my blurred eyes scanned to find my location. When there it was the treacherous and dreaded location called the Lake Of Tears. Scrolling up the parchment I tucked it back into my pocket. Looking up I moved on until the path ahead became dull and misty. I gather a couple of leaves and twigs to make a modest fire, swiping my match against a rock a flame came to life. Laying back I gradually blinked my eyes to sleep. Rubbing my eyes I peeped through to see the dew glistening. Rising up I packed up my belongings and set out for the rest of my journey. Listening to the birds sing a harmony, as I forcefully pushed the leaves and branches out of my face I kept looking down to make sure I was still on the rough and rugged path. At an unhurried pace the sounds of wild life dimmed away. At that moment an alarm went off in my ear as an ear piecing sound rang in. Splashes sounded like cries and whimpers of the beastly monster swallowing up whatever submerged in its path. Not looking back my legs took off at jet speed pace into the foggy mist. As the splashes slowly decreased I came to an abrupt stop, pebbles breaking the surface of what seemed to be water. Sweeping my hand across the shimmering water echoes and voices captured me. ‘’Come, come this way, this way’’. Thoughts bounced around in my overloaded and confused head. Out of the misty water a figure began to rise. Its vast red eyes caught a glimpse at my terrified body. Silk wrapped up to the emerging figure making what seemed to become a girl. ‘’ Stay away you!’’ I shrieked. In a blink of an eye the girl came shooting forwards at light speed pace with tears rolling down her face. The Lake Of Tears I thought, I’m here. As the girl came to the end of the lake she whispered in to my ear, ‘’ Cry girl Keta cry with all your heart’’. Tears welled up in my eyes which then broke into the lake. Not able to open my eyes cold wet hands tingled down my back. The last thing I remember was ‘’take this flower, now sleep my dear Keta for your journey back just begins’’…

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