A Bluebirds Quest

Bliss was a young bluebird who loved her parents dearly. Her feathers were mostly blue and black, she also had the colour white just above her feet. One day her mother came to her and said, “We must go to the king’s royal bird tree because all the birds are gathering to find out who is going on a quest.”
Bliss and her parents flew to the biggest tree in the forest. The tree had a large twisty trunk with green leaves.
The family of bluebirds entered the noisy hollow tree. Suddenly silence fell over the crowd as the king cleared his throat. “Greetings my twittery kingdom. We have decided to try to deal with the issue of pollution. The bird chosen for this quest is… Bliss Blanket Blueblint!” The king announced. Bliss felt both scared but honoured. “But I am not old enough, I still go to flip, flop, flap school!” She yelled. “You have proven yourself worthy and we believe you can help us.” The king assured her.
The very next day she set off on her journey to the forest of stone and steel, known to us as Adelaide.
“What? Who is there?” A startled Bliss chirped. “I am Enchant, an echidna.” “Hi I am Bliss. Do you know where the forest of stone and steel is?” “I’m pretty sure it is that way,” Enchant said, pointing north. “Take this lucky charm so you don’t get lost.” The lucky charm was a compass. “Thank you. Goodbye!” Bliss yelled gleefully, and flew away, lucky charm around her neck.
On her way, she almost flew into many cars and trucks. She also made some friends all of which gave her a token for her bravery. Emma emu gave her a feather to tickle enemies, Keith kangaroo handed her a teddy made from his fur, to sit on her back and keep her company. She also met Woolemberg the wombat. He gave her a blanket and a warm hug, in return she collected a stick to help him scratch his bum.
She arrived at Adelaide to discover pollution was everywhere. “How can it be that__”

On the king’s royal bird tree was a plaque for Bliss. The words written were:
Bliss Blanket Blueblint
Now you know, Bliss the little bluebird died on the king’s quest.
No, she was not run over by a car or attacked by a predator but was killed by air pollution. This is the stuff that we put out in the world by using plastics, gas’ and fuels. These things aren’t only hurting animals but are damaging our planet, ourselves and the environment. I wish I could go back in time to warn people about air pollution and its causes. Please think carefully about your actions and the consequences involved.

The End!


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