A Babys Little Mission

I crawled as fast as I could but it was to late she was right on my tail I turned the corner, crawled down the hall but it was a dead end I finally turned around to concede my fate,"I got you" Mum said happily. Another failed mission to get back out to the unknown I thought to myself as mum pick me up and put me back in my crib without realising I was planning another mission for later.

I have only ever been out in the unknown once and i saw that it had green grounds and big long black things in between, with many vehicles moving on them. It also had many tall pointy things on the green ground and when we went inside one I never came out so it is my mission to see it again and today is the day I'm getting out of here into the unknown or maybe tomorrow.

"Its perfect I can slip straight through the doggy door and boom I'm out of here,how didn't i think of this before," I said to my teddies while I planned my escape to the unknown. However there was one problem with my perfect plan...it was lunch time and after lunch I have nap time it will have to be commenced tomorrow.

Mum came in, picked me up and put me on my special chair she opened a tin and started to feed me. As she put the first spoon full of food in my mouth I tasted it and it was disgusting i quickly spat it all out leaving a whole spoon full of baby food on mum's face. What is this I said to myself in disgust wheres my good baby food I questioned myself. Mum got up washed her face and put me back in my crib, "I think she is angry" I explained to my teddies, anyway it's my favourite part of the day nap time so i lied down and fell asleep mostly because i couldn't wait for tomorrow.

As mum was still sleeping I slowly crawled out of my crib and silently crawled down the hall until I heard foot steps. Mum was waking up so I sped up, she was running straight for the door mission fail she picked me up but this time she didn't go back to the crib she went straight for the door. Finally it was my chance to get back out to the unknown she opened the door I saw the light the green grounds and a man wearing a camouflage suit. For a moment I wondered who he was but then I look at His face for a minute and realised this man was my "dad" I said for the first time. He picked me up and span around then gave me and mum a big hug. Finally I completed my mission