You get the lace ready,
Create one bunny ear and another,
Wrap one around, tuck it through the created hole and tighten to secure.

Sometimes I like to do a double knot,
Just to save time of doing it over and over and over again!
Wouldn't it get tiring?

Of course there are those who choose to rebel.
Who let their laces drag along the ground and look smug as they gamble the chance of tripping,
Or are they just careless?

I never let my laces run free, letting them get drenched in puddles and mud.
Letting people accidentally step on your lace and feeling it pull,
tightening your shoe like a corset.

So now I do many laces into a double knot everyday.
So I don't have to redo them every hour, gamble tripping on every footpath
and get them dirty.
Who would want to go to all that trouble?

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