Hanging On A Tree Trunk

“Warning everyone in the area of Transylvania, be prepared for the upcoming flooding which will be arriving in a few hours” the news reporter mentioned. “That’s hilarious!” Jacob’s mother laughed, due to boiling weather outside as she flicked her long brown hair behind her neck. She stayed cool as a cucumber and was careless and didn’t appear to worry about the large amount of water that was apparently about to approach. “Pack up your equipment Jacob!” she said for the millionth time, “it’s getting irritating now, and every day I have to tell you.” Jacob’s mother complained. “Mum shouldn’t we get ready for the rain that’s coming?” Jacob inquired, “What rain? Look at the beaming sun” his mother replied, “Whatever you say then mother” he replied.
About an hour later a loud bang occurred, “What was that noise?” Jacob said with a five year old worried look on his face, as he brushed his blonde hair off his forehead in concern. With a look through the window his mother to herself, maybe I should have listened to the news lady with an anxious grin on her face. Immediately the amount of rain was increasing largely and rapidly’’, it kept continuing and didn’t look like it was going to stop anytime soon. “Son let’s grab some of those boxes and try to prevent the water from entering the house” Eliza requested, as Jacob did he was told. Suddenly the heavy rain turns into floods, just as expected, well not Eliza’s perspective. All they could do is just sit and wait inside their home until the rain stopped, but the weather just kept getting worse.
Suddenly the greenish, ocean like water became centimetres from entering the house, until… WHOOSH, the water flooded in. In a short amount of time the house is filled with the floodwater and I see Jacob going under the water level, so I go to try and help him. But by the time I reach him… it’s too late, some damage has already been done. “Jacob, talk to me please!” she cried. Jacob had stopped breathing. I grab out my phone, “Damn it, no phone reception, I guess we’ll have to go out and look for help ourselves.
Another look out the window, when a tree trunk catches her eye. “Well here goes nothing” she said as she opened the door whilst latching onto Jacob and the giant dribble wave came crashing against them. Swimming as fast as possible, holding on to dear life, finally grabbing a hold of the tree trunk earlier sighted reassured her a little, even though it wasn’t entirely safe. “Okay Jacob I know you probably can’t hear me, but it will start getting dark in a couple of hours and we, well I need food and I’m not letting you die so we better get cracking!” Eliza firmly stated. She started swimming faster with that thought in the back of her mind and used it as her motivation. “Help someone, please!” she cried and shouted, but it seemed no one could help them. Suddenly she realises that the floodwater, rivers and waterfalls have ended up conjoined and there’s a waterfall coming their way. “Turn around” she shouted helplessly, to the tree trunk which seemed not to be listening. “Okay Jacob, you know how I promised I wouldn’t let you die, yeah well that might not be able to happen, because there’s a waterfall coming right up, so goodbye” she sadly cried in fear. “Aargh” she screamed.


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