Back To Front Superhero

Finalist in the '2002 Schools Short Story Competition - Superheros and Superstars Theme' competition

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Paris Juliette Lyons. Over the years of hard work and stress, Paris grew very clumsy. At first, everyone at her school thought it was funny and just a joke. Once at her school concert she was dancing. She was prancing around on stage not looking where she was going when she fell off the stage onto the ice-cream seller. Everyone just laughed at her.
Now that a few years had passed things were getting worse and worse. She started doing things backwards, writing backwards and walking backwards. Her friends even started saying her name backwards, ‘Sirap Etteiluj Snoyl’!
She wore her school dress to bed and her PJs to school. She started putting her shoes on her hands and her undies on her head. She was desperate for help. Her Mum never spoke to her anymore because all she could say was gobble-de-goop.
She ate the dog food and had rides in the clothes dryer. No one could think of anyone as crazy as Sirap Snoyl.
One day she rode to school on her dog’s back. She was out of control and everyone gave up on her.
One day the girl who teased her the most at school was reported missing. The search parties were out and everyone was worried, but Sirap was secretly happy.
That night when Sirap was getting ready to go to school, she started to feel strange! She was walking past the woods to school when she started to tingle all over. She was getting strange visions of her doing a brave deed and getting a trophy for great courage. Sirap felt the need to help someone, but who?
Sirap suddenly jumped but she did not fall back to the ground, she flew up into the sky! She was flying over the woods (a little worried as she was scared of heights) when she heard a little voice crying. As she flew closer to the sobbing she noticed it was the missing girl. The girl was walking along the edge of a cliff. Sirap could see the cliff edge in the dark with her super vision. She could see a disaster about to happen.
As she flew closer she saw the girl slip over the edge. Sirap flew as fast as lightning to catch the girl, her heart pounding. She held her breath and dropped her body, put her hands out, and flew straight down and caught the falling girl. Sirap flew the shivering girl back to her family and friends.
Suddenly she was on every TV station, on the radio and in the newspapers. She was a SUPER HERO and everyone wanted to hear her story.
From now on she was no longer the back-to-front girl. No one teased her anymore and no one called her Sirap Etteiluj Snoy!
Paris Juliette Lyons was a hero and was everyone’s friend. You can see her now around town saving the day, sometimes flying backwards!!

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