Vader's Worst Day

Excellence Award in the 'Spread The Word 2017' competition

Vader walked home from school. He got home and his Dad hit him as he walked in the front door. Vader’s Dad was angry because he was late coming home from school. Vader’s Dad yelled at him. Vader went straight to his room and turned up his music. He was sad, angry and confused because he didn’t think he was that late coming home.
The next day Vader went to school. He still felt very angry and confused because his Dad hurt him last night. Vader was crunching his fists. He was breaking things as he stormed past them. His friend Ben came over to see if he could help him keep control. Vader did not want help and hurt Ben by hitting him in his face accidentally as he tried to move past him.
Vader did not want help but he did not want to hurt Ben either. He felt bad for hitting his friend so he went to the principal’s office. The principal talked to him about what he did to Ben. She was confused by what had happened because Vader was a good kid. She asked him if there was anything else that was making him upset.
Vader left the office and went home. When he got home his Dad started yelling at him because the principal rang and told him what Vader had done.
“You are grounded Vader because you hit a kid.”
Vader yelled back “I hate you! You say I can’t hit kids but you hit me.” Vader went to his room and played on his computer.
Vader dad was upset because he lost his wife and was not coping. He felt bad for hitting and yelling at Vader. He went to talk to Vader.
“I’m am sorry for all the things I have done to you. I miss your mum. I shouldn’t have done what I have done. I will try to do better.”
“I’m sorry too. I miss mum too but we can’t hit and yell at people when we feel like this,” Vader said to his Dad. Vader’s Dad thought about this a lot and decides to get help.
The next day Vader said “Sorry to Ben.”
Ben said “He was sorry too, he only wanted to help.”
“Please tell no one what happened.” Vader said to Ben.
“I agree!” said Ben. I won’t tell anyone because school captain speeches are coming up and I think you will make a good school captain. You do well at school and you look after kids. This mistake might make it harder for you to get school captain.”
Weeks went by and things started to change for Vader for the better. Vader’s Dad was getting help, Vader found a good girlfriend and became school captain.
Vader’s message to kids is talk to your teacher and parents when you are upset or when something is upsetting you. Violence is not the answer. It solves nothing but getting the right help does.

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