Harry And The Evil Wizard Lizard

One ordinary day Harry the tortoise was wondering around his tank waiting for his owner, Jerry, to feed him. At that moment Jerry said “I need to go to a meeting at my work, I will be back soon.”
So Harry decided to play in his little tortoise pool when he looked at it and it was an orangey yellow brown colour. He didn’t really care as he has had his pool pure red (it was actually Jerrys blood when he had cut himself, but Harry didn’t know that) so he jumped in when suddenly…
Whoosh! Harry the tortoise gets sucked into a portal and transported into a magical forest.
Soon Harry finds a village full of his own kind, tortoises. But not just any tortoises, tortoises on their hind legs! The tortoises lead him into the town hall and the mayor of tortoises says that he is the "chosen one". Harry is confused why and they tell him about the evil Wizard Lizard.
”The wizard lizard is an old lizard trying to rule the village and castle but everyone knows that only a tortoise can be king, so he killed the king and stole his crown and cloak and declared himself as king,” says the mayor in a scared and worried tone, “Even if you try to get into the castle his lizard guards will stop you, and if you get past the front door his other guards, his strongest guards of all, will easily stop you with their giant swords.”
Suddenly, the evil wizard lizard guards come in and take Harry and the mayor tortoise away into the carriage and take him to the castle. They chuck Harry and the mayor into the prison cells with only bread and water to feed on. The prison cell stunk of rotten cabbage and had one bed and one toilet. Harry gets tired and weak, and he hears the guards about that they will have to kill Harry.
“Why do we even have to do what he says?” asks one of the guards,
“Because,” says the other guard, “We will get paid a lot of gold and he said we would get some weird meat, do you know anything about it?”
“Nope, I didn’t even know that we were going to get paid!”
So Harry asked them, “Hey you, yes you, do you want even more gold then he can give you?”
“Sure!” answered both of them at the same time,
“Well let me out and I will pay you!” says the enthusiastic tortoise
So the dumb lizards let him out and at that very moment he saw a massive, gloomy drain pipe and jumped into as fast he could and when got out he ran to the village (well walk because, of course, he is a tortoise). He saw the villagers and ran to them. The tortoises let Harry into the town hall and they give him a wand and he was very confused and wanted to know why they gave it to him. The tortoises say that he is now a wizard and has to fight the evil wizard lizard and Harry gets scared and hides into his tiny green shell. They say that the wizard lizard will have ultimate power soon only he could stop him and then Harry grew his confidence and set off to the evil Wizard Lizards evil castle. He goes all the way across the long slender path and finally reaches the evil castle. He busts through the massive door and stops in front of the enormous guards. The guards hold their massive swords, as shiny as gold.
"How did you escape?" said the Wizard Lizard.
"Your guards left a shovel just outside the door," says Harry in a confident voice.
"Guards, arrest him at once!" says the fierce lizard.
Harry stopped and used a freeze spell onto the guards and approached the Wizard Lizard.
"How did you know that advanced spell?" says the Wizard Lizard is a scared, confused voice.
"Because," says Harry, "I'm a wizard!" shouts harry as he uses a destructive spell to kill the Wizard Lizard.
Suddenly, out of nowhere another magic portal appears and he gets transported back into his tank. His owner picks him up and cuddles him.
"Where were you Harry?" says his owner
Harry just smiles as he knows that his is safe.



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