Fairies Picnic

Long ago, in a distant land, there was the most peculiar yet adorable castle you could imagine. It was so peculiar because it was the tiniest castle you would ever find. Around the castle were many toadstools in which different fairies lived in, there was a range of different species of fairies. They would usually start their day by greeting each other or drinking honey dew.
One day, Dewey and Oceana were planning a royal picnic for Queen Fayes 27th birthday, as they were searching for enough sweet foods and drinks they discovered that there was a food shortage. The only bit of food was a slither of lemon pie and as for the drinks a dribble of honey suckle. They set out to the Queen’s castle to tell her about the food shortage but when they were halfway there they bumped into Princess Arina.
Arina noticed their looks of alarm and asks what is wrong "There is no food or drinks for the Queen’s birthday picnic," Dewey and Oceana say in unison.
"Oh!" Arina replies inconsolably "let's go tell the Queen.”
Queen Faye notified the fairy kingdom instantly and mentioned the food and drink scarcity but the one thing that caught everyone’s attention was the fact the queen had asked if they would all go into the human world to find enough food and drink supplies. Everybody agreed and they headed down the country lane.
When they arrived in the city they bumped into a kind looking man who asked if they were lost and needed a place to stay the night. They all say "Yes! Please?", and the kind young man invited them into his home and gave them a bed to share between them. What they did not know was that the human race desired fairy magic to rule the world.
The next morning the fairies awoke to shimmer’s scream of shock. They all jolted upright to see what the problem was. They were tied together with a chain and were heading towards a machine with serrated lines like pointed teeth. Inside was a contraption that looked extremely deadly. They were soon moving towards the machine by force and were going to have all their powers sucked out of them.
They were exceptionally close and could hear the machine, before they knew it they were right under it and a blue flash appeared. They were being drained of all magic but the gadget gave a tremendous 'BANG!' and the power was cut off. A gang of fairies dressed in black had turned off the power to save Queen Fayes villagers. The black gang took Queen Faye’s fairies home before the man started up the machine again.
On the way they gathered berries, cakes and honey suckle to take home. When they were finally home the fairies had the Queen’s picnic. They all lived a great life and their story was passed through generations.


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