"Get out! Save yourself Bella!" Those were the last words he said to me, or to anyone.
Let’s go back to 9th May, 2009, when I was 17. Jasper Goodman was my first boyfriend and the love of my life. We went on surprise dates to the park, the lake and other places. He was the kindest person in the world to anyone and everyone.
One day after school I caught the bus and stayed at his place for the night since my mum was working late. That morning I awoke in his arms on the sofa, "Jasper, we've got school today."
After school, I went back to his house since some of my bags and books were still there. He walked into his room and went quiet. Then all of a sudden he yelled "I'm back!" and walked out. He stopped in the dark hallway and stared at me. "Are you okay?" I asked slightly terrified. Then a demonic voice I had only heard in horror movies came from him, "I'm fine. My name is J-J-J-J Harrison." I slowly backed away.
The name Harrison is connected to the murderous demon of Harper Mountain. It takes someone every 80 or so years and kills the person they trust the most. They say that Harrison was fighting with Sasha, his girlfriend. When Harrison was possessed he walked into Sasha's class and killed her, then walked out never to be seen alive again. They found his body ten years later.
"Jasper… are you still there?" I whispered. He limped out of the hallway into the light toward me. His clothes were torn, his hands were white, and his eyes were black. He nodded. "Get out! Save yourself Bella! Run before he comes back!" he yelled in Jasper's voice.
I screamed and bolted down stairs as I looked back I saw he was following me. I found a bow and arrow on the couch and grabbed it as I passed on my way to the back door. I hid behind a tree as I kept an eye on the door while trying to set up the bow and arrow. Someone told me the only way to kill Harrison, was to kill his victim.
"Where are you Bella?" the demon asked. I pointed the arrow at him and aimed. He walked toward me again. My hand shook so much that I missed first time. I aimed again and got him in the stomach. He yelped in pain as he fell to the ground. I tapped him on the shoulder. No response. "Jasper!" I screamed, realising that killing Harrison meant killing Jasper too. "I'm so sorry! It was the only way!"
It has been five years, and is now 9th May, 2014; every anniversary of Jasper and I- I place a rose on his grave, whereas every anniversary of Harrison- I burn an arrow over his grave to show him that I won't ever forgive myself for that fateful day. The day Harrison returned.



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