Lagoon Lake Tragedy

Lagoon Lake Tragedy
My name is Diana Jones and I go to St. McDock Primary School and boy, it is perfect! Well almost...the reason why it is called St. McDock is because it is right next to Lagoon Lake and unfortunately, I’m nervous being so close to this distinct lake. It’s just...sombre and murky! “Ring!” the school bell rang as I ran to my classroom, dropped my bag in one of the dark grey plastic lockers and got ready to begin my brand new day. “Pssst...Hey! How was the weekend?” whispered Matilda in attempt to conceal her articulation from the teacher. I did not reply to Matilda’s question while the teacher was speaking but merely winked at her. “Ok class, today we will begin our project on Lagoon Lake!” Mrs Bella told us nicely as she evenly put us into groups of four. I was with Sophie, Zack and Steve. Mrs Bella began hitting a pencil on a cow bell softly so that all the grade 4 students would pay attention to her. As the children went downstairs to take a look at the sight of the horrible Lagoon Lake I had a premonition that someone or something was going to end up dead at the bottom of Lagoon Lake that morning.
Some sailors climbed into a metal boat with an engine to power it up. As they went out, they left turbulent water behind. Mrs Bella gathered the students and said, “We are here everyone! Now, discus with your group...” ...SPLASH, Sophie and I got yanked in the water after getting our legs tied up with the rope fastening the boat to the dock. A prodigious fish started pulling on Sophie’s arm as I reached out to grab more air. I took the nearest heavy object I could find; A bucket! I clutched the bucket in my hand and went underwater to swoop it at the fish but the water wouldn’t make it flow! So I grabbed my metal drink bottle and hit it at the massive fish and then held my hand tight to Sophie’s and leaped out of the water. Unfortunately it kept pulling us back in. While Mrs Bella was calling animal control, Sophie grabbed the small fish bait in the bucket and threw the fish bait away into deeper water. The massive fish let go and surged towards the fish bait and gulped it down.
We returned to our classroom and Sophie and I drank hot cocoa, tried to calm down and started our project on Lagoon Lake. “Very good!” Mrs Bella told us as she walked over to the next group of four. “RING!!!!!” the bell rang. I walked over to my bag and picked it up, walked downstairs holding the hand rail and went home in my Dad’s black Lexus car with my sister, Lauren. We watched a movie and relaxed while I told my Dad about the amazing and terrifying day! I was never going to go anywhere near Lagoon Lake again!
The End.

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