Man-Man's Night Visitors

One night, a mole called Man-man was sleeping in his burrow when heard a beeping sound outside. He woke up and checked outside. IT WAS A U.F.O - AN UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECT! The object looked like a big lemon!
The hatch at the bottom opened and a bright light shone out of it. Four skinny, yellow figures floated out of the hatch. They walked up to him and said "Man-man come with us." Man-man followed the creepy figures under the lemon. Man-man wondered how he would get up into the flying lemon. He looked at one of the aliens. It was holding a square metal device and clicking at its multi-colour buttons. Then a yellow beam shone out the hatch and one of the aliens jumped in. The alien flew up into the lemon and disappeared. So Man-man jumped in the beam of light. There was a weird feeling going through Man-man's body. Finally he got into the lemon. There was a party going on in it. There were weird snacks like lemon pops, gummy lemons, lemon slices and the drink was lemonade.
The other aliens came up and strapped Man-man to a bed. They said, "Eat this lemon." Man-man ate the lemon. He felt sick and his fur was turning yellow. Then the alien said
"Now you are a lemon mole!" He unstrapped Man-man and Man-man jumped out of the lemon trying to find an escape. He slowly floated down the beam of light until he reached the ground. Then he jumped in his burrow and ran around everywhere. He rang triple zero for moles and waited for them to arrive.
Finally they arrived in their van. Man-man told them that he got turned into a lemon mole and asked if they could help him. The crew of mole paramedics tried giving him a mole stew with grubs and earth worms. It did not work so they tried giving him more and more lemons. That didn't work either. They tried everything until the sun came up. Then the mole paramedics had to leave. All day Man-man sat worriedly on his sofa reading about lemon aliens.
That night there were more flashing lights out side Man-man's burrow. He quickly jumped out of his bed. He ran outside to see if it was the lemon aliens. It wasn't them. IT WAS A
F.F.O - A FLUFFY FLYING OBJECT! Then the hatch at the bottom opened up. A blue light shone out the bottom. Three mole aliens floated out of the hatch and came up to him and said "Eat this piece of cardboard!" Man-man ate the cardboard. He felt sick. Then his fur turned brown again. HE WAS A MOLE AGAIN! He celebrated with all his mole friends.