Last Chance

Swish, swash, swish, swash as the never ending treacherous sea poured the most chilling water over me. The local people call this nightmare beach marvellous. The ocean waves were like the Empire State Building being stacked on top of each other like a game of Jenga. The biggest nightmare of all was the freezing cold salt water seeping through every microscopic gap in my clothes. It made my heart stop.

This time had felt different from the start. When I started paddling out my entire body was already covered in mountains of goose-bumps and as soon I stood up I fell into the water. My body was spinning faster than a Ferrari’s tyre making my tummy churn like coal as the fins of another person’s board smacked against my face. My body was frozen stiff like a metal pole in the centre of the Artic. I could feel my body sinking as if I were the Titanic. I thought of my beloved family for the last couple of minutes I had before my eyes were turned into an infinite void of internal darkness. I thought about all the radical things I could have done in my life. I knew for a fact that this was the end of the line for me but at least I would die doing something I loved.

As I started to sink I couldn’t do anything. My limbs were paralyzed. As the water started consuming me I felt my heart thump out of my body. As soon as my face went under the water my hair started to float like it was in outer space. But then my blood shot eyes started to see ripples disturb the already destroyed ocean. The ripples started getting bigger and when I realised what it was I was filled with joy. It was my last chance of survival. One of the only lifesavers on patrol had pulled me onto the back of his jet ski. Giant rollers started coming in covering the lifesaver and I but when the jet-ski’s engine turned on, I knew I had a chance.

As I felt the vehicle come to a cautious stop I saw a hand pull on one of my paralysed legs. I felt nothing. I heard nothing. It was as if I was deaf. Sand and water were lodged in my ears. At least that’s what I hoped at that moment. When my body slammed against the shore I felt a little trickle of hope seep into my brain. When I saw the lifesaver‘s hands push against my chest, it felt like a truck had just parked on my lungs but it helped air maneuver into my nose and mouth. I owed him my life as my organs started functioning. I knew then that I would see my family again.

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