Earth As We Know It

It's a normal day in Australia and everyone is living happily, being as busy as bees, no harm and no worries until... BOOM! CRASH! The country has changed forever. China was just cursing the way they usually do until standard BANG! SLAM! Life as they knew it was gone. The rest of Asia... Destroyed. Then America, Donald Trump killed... but unfortunately he died along with the innocent people on the continent at that exact time. The rest of the world was attacked and killed. And there is now no such thing as war because there is no one to fight with each other.
Out away from any continent, there were two people, Sarah and Paul, on two islands away from each other not worrying about anything. Later Sarah went to the boat station ready to go home to Australia. After rowing for a while she finally got there to find nothing. This was the same for Paul in America. They both wanted to have funerals for their loved ones but they knew it was no use. Everyone was dead. So they both started rowing from opposite sides of the world unsure if anyone else was alive on any other continent.
They both decided to row to Africa. They rowed all the way to Africa but they arrived at completely different ends of the mammoth continent. Sally was at the top of Africa and Paul was at the bottom of Africa. They both started a long exhausting hike to the middle of the continent. They dodged and weaved through disgusting dead humans and animals until ... Sally found a little girl in an underground burrow, where she had stopped to have a rest and on the other end of the continent Paul found a little boy hiding in a tree. They continued their journeys across Africa and they finally met in the middle of Africa.
"Who are you? Why are you alive?" Paul said, accidentally sounding rude. "Well I'm Sarah and this is Gabby and we're alive because we were not near the shootings from the aliens. " Sarah said sounding relieved. "Yeah, Josh and I were lucky to be alive too."
"Shall we go to an island and start over?" He started walking and hoped that Gabby and Sarah would follow. Finally, they reached an island were they would start over the whole earth but then... a ship landed in the water in front of them and released humans. We have found another earth Sarah heard one of the people say. "It's not going to be hard to start up the earth again is it?" said Gabby.
Gabby ended up marrying Josh and Sarah ended up marrying Paul. They all lived as a family even though they weren't blood related.
All the time generation after generation of people will always wonder, are we alone is this big wide universe? And that is how the earth changed into what we know it as today.


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