Earth And Quake

Have you ever asked someone why Earthquakes occur and they say it is because the tectonic plates rub causing the ground to shake? Well they’re wrong here’s the real reason why Earthquakes occur.
It all started 100 000 years ago on Mt Olympus, Ouranos and Gaia the immortal Greek Titans of the world gave birth to two immortal girls, their names were Earth and Quake. At the age of one they developed personalities. Earth was 100 metres tall with green eyes, blonde slick back hair and she was very good at fighting with a sword. Quake on the other hand was 100 metres tall with blue eyes, black spiky hair and she was skilled with a bow. As they were growing up they fought a lot for petty reasons. At the age of 7 they fought over who dropped food on the ground. Ouranos and Gaia were so fed up of them fighting they banished them under the hearth, on the tectonic plates of world, one on each half, split up so they don’t fight anymore. But they were wrong.
Over 20 years the sisters were cursing Ouranos and Gaia for what they had done to them. They thought they were all alone but little did they know they weren’t. There was a creature called Liogragle that lives around the plates. It was 50 metres tall, had a head of a male lion, body of a gorilla and wings of a bald eagle. It also had a terrifying ROAR and it ate rocks the size of large boulders. It liked to cause chaos there. One fateful day the Liogragle figured out Earth and Quake were sisters and they hated each other. As being a creature of chaos it decided to get them to fight. It all took place along the equator under Brazil to be exact. The Liogragle crept behind Earth and carefully pushed the plate she was on towards Quake. It did the same to Quake. As the plates got closer the sisters saw each other and attacked each other thinking their sister was trying to kill them. They broke out fighting shooting arrows and slicing with swords. Within a few days they gave up trying to kill each other as they were immortal.
At the time of this event the ground above was heavily shaking and destruction occurred. Over the years to the present day this event occurs every time the girls break out fighting. To the people from that time to today this event is henceforth known as an Earthquake. Now you know the true story.


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