Finalist in the 'Write Here Write Now 2017' competition

Whispering wind sent chills down her spine
Quick drops of rain pelting against the emerald green leaves and interlaced vines
The trees above caving in,
letting dwindling light from the moon creep in
The chirping of a nearby bird, its voice like chiming bells,
tweeting as delicate, blue feathers fell to the forest floor inaudibly, as she stumbled and fell,
over cracking twigs engulfed in evergreen moss and vigorous tree roots
The path no longer known, as the squelching mud collapsed under her boots
Her surroundings stared her down with a baleful expression
The stench of rotting wood, continuing her depression
More wind caressed her cheek, with the chill of the night
Panic seeped through her, a sheen of sweat, reflecting her fright
as skittering animals darted back and forth, they knew where to go,
Though she did not know…
She was lost