Oceans Blue

Oceans blue, waves crashing.
Feel the sand between my toes tickle me while I walk down the beach,
See the sun shine brightly down on my skin while I walk down the sandy beach,
The sand is still tickling me between my toes while I walk down to the blue oceans. Waves are crashing down on the white sand, which covers up the majority of the beach.
I dip my toes into the icy blue ocean, the waves crashing on my feet.
The tide gets higher until the water is up to my knees and gradually sinks back down to my feet.
I step in to the ocean.
My body becomes soaking wet, and my hair looks as if a thousand tiny dew drops have been planted into my long brown locks and the drops shimmer and shine in the light and warmth of the sun.
The sun sets slowly over the horizon as I slowly exit the ocean, icy and blue.
I grab my towel and drape it around my waist and as I walk up to the boardwalk, I can feel the sand tickling my toes again.
I look back to the horizon of icy blue, the waves crashing and the ocean too.
I will always remember the ocean too, I will always remember the ocean blue.