The constant BANG deafens victims for miles around. The cold, hard, grey ground is covered in the ashes of lost souls. Emily’s ash. Emily’s bubbly colourful soul. If she was here skies would be blue not bloodridden. She would halt this cascade of horrors. She would make my heart ring for her. But she isn’t here, she’s in the sky. The warm safe sky.
BOOM! Gun on, check. Bullets in, check. Aim and... fire. We will win this war! The enemy will surrender! If only Ma would see me now, but no, she would be adoring little George's baby steps. No one cares about me, but I will show them! Starting with winning this war!
THUD, Thomas crashes in the stream of blood of dead soldiers. The old, wise general booms,
“Another one down!! Kill the ENEMY!”
The soldiers shake their heads in dismay. Inside I knew if Emily were here Thomas would be saved. At least he's with Emily. Caring warm Emily.
ZAP, a storm is brewing, cold hard wet tears from above fall hard on our heads. The deafening thunder clashes into weak ears and paralysing them for hours. Nothing will stop me from winning this war!...But the enemy should’ve surrendered now, right? Or is this going to go on forever?
CRASH, the sound echoes for miles around the barren wasteland. Or is it a blood covered wasteland, or a certainty of sadness that follows you forever. All I know is that Emily would cheer things up. She would make the world sparkle with happiness. She’s the one that’s pushed me along. Now without her, I am nothing. But shouldn’t I do what she would do?

She would go out and hold up a flag of peace, She would stop this madness, and that’s exactly what i’m going to do.
As I peer into the distance I can faintly see a figure marching towards our base with a flag. The flag appears to say Peace.
All my comrades cautiously lower their guns, apart from me. The figure bravely marches forward. I am amused by the enemies plan, it won’t fool me. I aim…….. And fire. A BANG echos the air. Three seconds later a fluro orange and red bomb-like explosion covers the air with blood and fire. All my friends stare at me, and for once in my life, I don’t know what to say.
My heart pounds as I walk out onto the barren wasteland. I am scared but I know Emily would be proud and that’s all that matters!

As I stagger across the blood ridden plain, I can faintly see a figure aiming his gun at me! I don’t believe it! The last thing I remember before the world ceases to exist, is Emily calling me home. I’m in heaven. I know that because Emily is with me.


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