Rain Me Empty

*Pitter.* It started with the grey cloud
*Patter.*It made her world a bit hazy
*PITTER.* Then the rain drops got loud
*PATTER!* And she started to go crazy

She pushed everyone she loved inside the warm dry room
Then she slammed the door shut, though she was still out in the gloom
She waited for someone to pull her inside
But it was too late, they’d already cast her aside

*Boom.* The thunder lion started to growl and roar
*Crack.* Just as lightning streaks flashed, all jaggered and rough
*BOOM.* The sound was so loud she couldn’t ignore
*CRACK!* The sky lit up and shined, but not bright enough

The storm finally settled down
But the rain had already flooded her town
And as she let herself drown in despair
Nobody at all seemed to notice...or care