Last Chance

BANG! BANG! Running for my life jumping tree to tree.
The small cream coloured aliens are hunting us! My nest is more destroyed than a house after a nuke bomb. I call out to all orangutans that our jungle is getting destroyed. All I see is orangutans freaking out and I hear these heart breaking beasts! I feel my tears going down my bloody fur. I taste horrific fear. Then I fall over and a log is under my leg. I can't get out, the aliens are slowly coming. My friend Josef spots me and helps me out and I finally get out.
BANG, in front of my eyes Josef passes away and is now in heaven. I quickly sprint away and I am saying in my head, "Our species may be critically endangered, but we will never be extinct."
It begins to become night and near 700 orangutans have died. I start crying as I see two odd things with four wheels and four Conservationists. As I get distracted, BANG! Somebody shot me in the hand. I fall to the ground as fast as a shooting star. The Conservationist starts to talk, "Stop now or we will call the Police!"
The alien then stated, "We need to get the babies."
The Conservationists yelled, "NO YOU DO NOT!!" The Conservationist quickly picked me up and drove to the nearest vet. They put me in a bed then put me to have a sleep. I know that I will protect all orangutans and we will never be extinct.

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