Fairy Tale Land

Once there was a boy named Isaac, he lived in a big city with his Mum and Dad and his two sisters. One day when he came home from school he asked his Mum if he could go to the park. “Yes!” said his Mum. Isaac invited his friends Alice and Peter to come along too. They brought a ball and started playing with it, then they dropped the ball and it bounced into the bushes. Isaac searched for the ball.

Isaac called for his friends to come over. Isaac told them how he had seen the ball fly up and away. Then suddenly, they found the ball surrounded by tiny people with wings. These fairies all started to scream in tiny voices saying ahhhhh!!! GIANTS!!! Then all the fairies hopped onto a bird and started firing arrows at them. A big fat fairy that could barely fly yelled at Isaac saying “We are the pirate fairies, we steal treasure and capture the rich!”
Suddenly they fired cannons which shot out big nets. The nets caught Isaac and his friends. They struggled, trying to escape from the nets.

The big fairy who was the captain said, “You giants were trying to take our treasure, weren’t you now?”
“No we weren’t!” exclaimed Alice.
“And who might you be?” said the fairy captain.
“Alice” said Alice.
“Do you mean to tell me that you are Alice from Wonderland, she has been missing for a few months now!’ the fairy captain said.
“Yes” said Alice.
“And who might you be?” the fairy captain asked Peter.
“Peter” said Peter.
“You mean to tell me that you are Peter Pan from Neverland?” the captain asked.
“Yes!” said Peter Pan.
“Oh Wow! I’ll have to report this to Prince Charming, who is as evil as a thief! He has been wondering where you two went.” said the fairy captain.
“And who are you?” the fairy captain asked Isaac.
“Isaac!” said Isaac.
“Okay then! You are all coming with us!” said the fairy captain. The pirate fairies put them in handcuffs.
“What are you going to do with us?” yelled Peter.
“You are wondering where we are going to take you! Well, first of all we’re going to lock you up in a prison cell. Then Prince Charming will punish you for trespassing on our kingdom.” replied the fairy captain in a deep dark voice.

The fairy captain took them to the prison cell. “We have arrived!” the fairy captain said, pushing Isaac, Alice and Peter into the prison. Later on, Isaac was thinking of a way out, but he couldn’t think of anything. However, in the corner of the prison cell was a really sharp and pointy stone. Isaac picked it up and then Peter said “I know! We can dig our way out with that stone!”
“Yes! That’s a perfect idea!” said Alice.
“Okay then! Let’s do it!” said Isaac.
So they started digging. They ended up safely returning to their park.


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