Kai And Beton

Once upon a time there was a boy called Kai.
He slept and had a dream about an alien. The alien was really nice and said to Kai: “Why don't you come and visit me?”

The next morning Kai woke up and decided to visit the alien in a rocket ship.

So he started building a rocket ship with wooden blocks, Lego and sticks. It worked really well. But when he tried to sit in it he realized that the rocket ship was too small for him. He cried a little bit so his father came in his room.
And then his father asked: „Do you want to build a bigger rocket ship?“
„Yes dad, because I want to fly to my alien friend.” His dad laughed out loud but then he helped me.

Kai and his dad built a big rocket ship! Kai could even stand in it!

So when night came Kai started the rocket ship and flew up in the sky. Kai saw the stars and the moon and then he saw the alien waving to him. The alien was sitting on Mars.

First Kai was a bit scared and he wanted to go back down to Planet Earth but the alien said “stop!”. The alien was green and he had black eyes and in his eyes was yellow lightning! Kai landed next to him on Mars.
He said to Kai: „Hey Kai – I know your name because I am in your dreams all the time. Do you know me?“
„Yes, you are Beton.“
„Oh yeah“, he said surprised. „You know my name, too.” They smiled at each other. Beton was really nice and they played together all day. They played cards and chess, a bit of soccer and golf. And then they got really hungry and ate yummy Mars-Burgers.

Then the sun appeared and Kai had to fly home because school started in one hour.

“Sorry, I need to go back home now”, said Kai. “But I don't know how.”
„I know how to do it. You need to slow your engine down“, said Beton.
„Alright“, Kai said and he went down in his rocket ship. But his rocket ship bounced on his trampoline and went up again.
So the alien said again: „You need to slow your engine down and don't land on the trampoline again.“
Kai waved goodbye and said: “I will see you in my dreams again!”
Beton waved back and some tears came out of his eyes.

This time Kai landed next to the trampoline in his garden.

He looked up in the sky one more time and was happy that he had found a new friend.

The End


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