Walking Through Time

Is it a bird is it a plane no it is Apollo the super pup people cheering from every where his owners are happy and so is he.now it was feeding time at home one of apollos owners were at school another was at work and the last one was at home with apollo.know the child Lucy was at home getting ready to go for a walk with Apollo the super pup.when Lucy and Apollo were on there walk they stopped for ice cream then puff with a blink of an eye they disappeared in to thin air they were in the future Lucy looked around and calculated that they were about two million years in the future.Lucy said "we will get home I am sure of that"Lucy walked over to a man that said I know how to get your home.wear these shoes and walk back words in them the proof you will be back home so Apollo and Lucy walked back in the shoes then poof in the second they were home,well and safe.