Back In Time

The roof was unsteady and weak but the walls seemed somewhat stable. “Perfect,” said my fellow runaway. “I hope nobody’s in there,” I said. Me and my fellow runaways wasted no time to run straight into the house. There was a warm fire sizzling in the small living room. We sat down and warmed up near the fire when I heard a ‘creak’ at the door. I looked back at my friends but they had all gone apart from my best friends Tiger and Cooper. “I think this house is haunted,” I said to my friends. This is going to be an interesting time.
I ran up into the top of the house and found two doors, one on the right and one on the left. First, I went into the right one. When I stepped in, I saw boxes upon boxes full of pictures. I picked up one box and opened it up. When I first looked in, I saw pictures. I pulled out some photos. There was one with a boy that had no body apart from his head. I looked at it for a moment. I looked at another photo, it had another boy on it but this time he had bees all over himself. I quickly put the pictures back in the box and put the lid on the box. I put the box back thinking, “This can’t be real!”
I walked out of the room confused and scared. I didn’t know what to do. I needed to find my friends. I walked back down to the living room and I found a door next to the dark brown TV cabinet. I walked towards the door, curious of what was on the other side, I opened the door and peeked out the door and I saw all of these bomb planes flying around the sky. Then I realised where I was. I was in World War Two.
I took a step through the door amazed and excited. “Where am I?” I called out. My body was shaking all over, I didn’t know what to do. I was back in time! All the chaos and busyness made me dizzy. All of the people were evacuating out of their houses. I didn’t know whether to run with the flow and follow them or go back to the little house. I turned around and looked for the door but when I turned around there were four doors. I walked towards the doors then a witch came out of thin air and said, “There are four doors, and three lead to death but one leads back to the cottage.” I walked towards the first door on the right and walked into it. I took another step then, “Woah” I was falling. Then ‘bang!’ I landed on the floor with an ‘oof!’ “Wake up” Mum said. I woke up. It was just a dream.