Kalani's Picnic

One day Kalani, her baby brother Jamie and her mum Eliana decided that they would go to the beach. “Mum can I please help with the picnic?” said Kalani. “Sure honey but how about I prepare and you can put it all together” said mum. “Alright sounds good” said Kalani. “So what are we making”? asked Kalani. “We’ll just make a few snacks” answered mum. “When will we leave”? “Well if it’s nine o’clock right now we can leave for the shops at ten, finish making the food by 11 and leave at 12, does that sound good?” mum asked. “Sounds pretty good to me” Kalani said. “So Kalani, Jamie and their mum Eliana were off in a click. “Kalani can you please make the shopping list?” mum asked. “Alright what do we need?” Kalani asked. “We need bread, cheese, lettuce, mayo, chips, juice and water melon” said mum. Kalani read out everything that they needed and she got everything right. Once they were at the shops [Woolies] and had put Jamie in his stroller, they were at the shops buying what they needed! When Kalani, her mum and her baby brother got home they started preparing for their picnic in a flash. While one of them was cooking the other was looking after Jamie. “Ok looks like we’re done, so let’s get changed, grab some water and get going.” Once they had arrived at the beach Kalani and Jamie went to go play in the sand. After a while Jamie had to have a nap and Kalani wanted to finish off her sand castle so she did. While Kalani was building her sand castle a group of dancers who called themselves the “A-game” started dancing. So Kalani turned around to watch them. In the middle of the dance Kalani screamed and everyone was alarmed. When her mum realized what was going on she screamed “Call an ambulance someone please, my daughter has been bitten” Eliana said. “By what?” everybody asked, “Crabs!” Once an ambulance arrived Eliana called her husband Leo and he met them at the hospital. Kalani was rushed to emergency. Over the weeks when Kalani was healing there was one thing Kalani remembered, it was that she never got to finish her picnic.
The End


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