"Attention all personnel, incoming wounded. All personnel to the compound," the speakers screamed at the depressed and already exhausted Mobile Army Surgical Hospital personnel.
"Get him five units of blood."
"Get him to Pre OP."
"Looks like the Chinese have been chucking all they got at us," Colonel S. Burke observed.
"It's like a garbage dump of shrapnel in here," Captain B.P. Crunch observed. "Prep him for surgery."
Corporal Morton grabbed the stretcher and rushed to Pre OP.
"He’s in shock!" Major K. Miller shouted. "Captain Crunch!"
"Crunch, your shrapnel patient from yesterday isn't looking good," Lieutenant Baker tapped his shoulder.
"I got a lot of shrapnel patients, couldn't you be a bit more specific?" Crunch sighed, lifting a bandage on a Sergeant who had been shot.
"Corporal Williams," Baker replied, a worried look on her face. "Hurry!"
"Alright, I'll be there in a second," he rushed to Miller, taking a look and then turning to Captain B.A. Jones. "He needs surgery. Bad belly wounds."
Jones nodded, and Crunch rushed to Post OP. He pushed open the door and raced inside, bumping into Sergeant Moore.
"Captain Crunch! You're needed in surgery. Major Wilcox passed out! Now we're down a surgeon and the wounded are expected to come in huge loads!" As Moore spoke, the speakers bellowed again.
"Attention all personnel. Hate to ruin an already terrible day, but more choppers and ambulances are on their way. All medical teams to the compound immediately."
"Argh!" Crunch cursed. "Can't anybody wait around here?!"
Crunch rushed over to Corporal Williams, and grabbed a stethoscope.
"Captain Crunch-”
"Hold on a minute!" Crunch yelled.
Over three days later…
"Attention all personnel of the 9056th M*A*S*H. After this 3 day ordeal, all personnel are ordered to sleep. This is a direct message from Colonel..." a yawning sound filled the speakers. Burke, your Commanding Officer."
"72 hours. 3 days in surgery! Without sleep!" Crunch ripped of his surgical cap. "I am going to shed this surgical gown and lie on my bed and... sleep," Captain Jones sighed.
Major Miller sank to her knees, still wearing her once white, now red, surgical gown. "I can't even walk..."
"I am going to sleep forever," Crunch murmured, almost falling over as he began to walk to his tent.
"Well, let's start by doing that in your tent, not here on the ground," Jones said. He walked Crunch over to a wheelchair and Crunch collapsed into it. Jones pushed the wheelchair slowly and laboriously towards the tent where he, Crunch and Wilcox slept. He banged open the door and they crashed onto their beds. Major Wilcox was already asleep. Captain Crunch closed his eyes. His arms felt like sandbags. His eyes felt like they were glued shut. All his limbs ached. All he could think about was sleep.
Suddenly he heard a noise.
"Attention all personnel. Wakey wakey! More casualties coming in. Sounds like there's a lot of them!"
"Captain Crunch!" Corporal Morton burst in.