Fairy-tales Are For Fools

fairy tales line the shelves of our children’s rooms, we teach
That wishes do come true and all you must do is wish upon a star.
Well, I’ve wished upon thousands of stars as they lit up the sky,
I’ve blown on a meadows’ worth of dandelions and blown on candles
But have my wishes ever come true? No, night turned to day,
The dandelions blew away, candles burnt out and no wish came true.
Until you came along…I’d wished to be saved and then suddenly
you were there as a shoulder to lean on, making sure I was okay,
making me laugh before I could break down into tears,
helping me find my smile… And sure, not all my wishes came true.
And I’m not completely happy yet but my wish for you did
and maybe that is all the hope I need to cling to, that,
eventually, maybe my wishes will come true maybe
happily, ever after does exist and maybe I just must wait.
And maybe fairy-tales aren’t for fools after all.


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