Back In Time

"Ali can you get the vacuum it's in the basement" yelled Mum .I don't like walking down to the basement i get super scared. I feel like something is gonna pop out and kill me. I walked down to the basement with my lip quivering every step i walked on had a different creak. I hit something hard so i turned on my torch and it was a box with a note full of dust on it.I was interested so as anyone would do i read the note. As i picked up the note a gust of wind blew through and locked the basement door. The note said "if you want the key to get out you must go back into the...80's! everything you need is in the box good luck!" i nearly blacked out.
I unlocked the box and all i saw was neon! "I wonder where Ali is" cried mum. I put everything on and it was all so uncomfortable. There was a note and a button on the bottom of the box. The note said "now you are ready push this button and you will be in the 80's". Nervously i pushed the button and i went in a portal then BOOM! everything was so bright and neon i couldn't see. I walked around for a bit and so i guess mum's boring stories were actually useful.
I stepped into her room and i explored. I saw a cupboard that had a poster that said "DO NOT TOUCH PRIVATE THINGS INSIDE" so i opened the cupboard and the keys were there only a slight problem...I DON"T REMEMBER WHERE I WENT. I tried retracing my steps and it took about 5 hours but i got back to where i started.But there was about 20 tunnels and i had to figure out which one led home. Luckily after a bunch of tries i found the portal that led home.The button was still there so i pressed it. I went through the portal again and i was back home the same spot i was before i left, i grabbed the vacuum and the keys and opened the door. Everyone was standing out there waiting for me,Mum was even crying she was worried sick.

"Ali,Where have you been" cried Mum as she went to hug me."long story" i told Mum.We all laughed

The end.