The Adventures Of Pip And Princess Sparkles

Merit in the 'Horizon of Dreams 2018' competition

Once upon a time, there was a unicorn named Pip who was very funny and a princess named Sparkles who was very clumsy, they were the best of friends. They went into the bushes and tripped over a frog named Daisy, the frog jumped over a fence and she was gone for good. Pip and Sparkles also came across a magical bridge, the bridge was curved and was a long way from the ground, they were very scared to cross the bridge at first but they both walked across it slowly. Pip had crossed the bridge and was laughing at Princess Sparkles because she was very clumsy and kept on tripping. The bridge was very wobbly and Princess Sparkles’ clumsiness wasn’t helping at all, she tripped over a loose piece of wood on the bridge and fell onto the bridge. Pip was trying to walk onto the bridge and save her but Pip made it more wobbly and the wood started to break, Princess Sparkles was hanging onto a piece of wood which was about to break. Pip was very scared and was trying to send for help, but there was no one in sight, Princess Sparkles was screaming and was trying to hang on but her fingers were slipping and were shaking. Pip was the only unicorn with no wings and if she had wings she would save Princess Sparkles but she didn’t have any. Princess Sparkles’ fingers were slowly sliding off the edge and she was trying very hard to reach Pip’s arm without falling. She tried really hard but fell very fast from the bridge, Pip was screaming ‘Nooooo’ but there was no way Pip could save her. Princess Sparkles was about half way and she fell on a something soft, it was a unicorn but with wings, the unicorn said hello and Princess Sparkles remembered the voice, it was the magical frog. The unicorn flew up to Pip and put her on Pip’s, she told them a special way to go home by going through a secret cave inside the tree. They both said goodbye to the unicorn and went home.


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