Waiting For Tomorrow

I am sitting, perched
On the railing of the balcony outside
My bedroom reminding myself to keep
Breathing, (one, two, three, four)
Because if I tip too far I'll fall off the edge of the world
The knowledge in my chest feels sharp, feels heady
Beady eyed and greedy but I am not going anywhere
I will not fall
The air is cold, is damp, is brittle between my teeth as I bite
Down on things I will not let escape my mouth I am not
Afraid of tomorrow but I escape to this place
Anyway because the seconds that pass here feel longer each
Time they come around. And I am sitting on the railing of the
Balcony reminding myself to keep breathing, (five, six, seven)
Because time here is slow, infinite, and I am finite, trembling
And still afraid of tomorrow.