Dark Night

Excellence Award in the 'Horizon of Dreams 2018' competition

As I was walking through the streets
I saw a black face staring at me
Its eyes were as black as the night sky
Wearing a cloak covering its eyes
For which it stood and I felt like I was going to die

He reached in his cloak and took out a sword and I felt he was the Dark Lord
The sword pointed at my heart
It was as sharp as a blade
Although it was fading away

I ran for my life screaming so hard I was going to die so I had to wake up
I heard someone yelling and screaming my name
I felt I was shaking and I was in a whole new story that I was making

I finally woke up and thank goodness for that because it was mum calling my name saying it was time for breakfast
I was so relieved but I still remembered the black face and the sensation of falling
Now it will be forever in my mind and i’ll hear that hideous face calling


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