Damian The Kid With Black Eyes

In 1952 there was a boy who liked dreams but one day the boys dreams turned into NIGHTMARES! That boy was called Dylan he had a lot of scary dreams since then about this boy with pitch black eyes they weren’t that scary to him, he was only an eight year old though. Also he hated the night he read most of the night sometimes.

One night Dylan was frightened to death! In the night Dylan got a really scary dream about the boy with the pitch black eyes that boy was around his room scaring him so much that he woke up and ran to his mums room. Dylan whispered to his mum “mum I had a really bad dream can I sleep please sleep with you tonight” Dylan’s mum replied “fine Dylan”. I will let your dad know in the morning.

Dylan’s mum give Dylan a teddy from his childhood to help him sleep. Dylan’s mum also paid for a psychiatrist to help him end the nightmares! In about a week he stop getting those nightmares and it all went back to normal. Just like a normal kid and also he didn’t need the teddy anymore.

One scary night Dylan got a horrific dream! It was so realistic Dylan was so scared that he had hid away from the boy with the black eyes he was screaming and shouting! “AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” He screamed. He was running as fast as anyone could ever run it was as fast as anyone could ever run it was so fast that he ran at the speed of light. The kid with the black eyes was catching up to Dylan, Dylan was getting hurt by that kid. Dylan was bleeding he didn’t know what the kid wanted and why he was hurting Dylan so much?

Dylan went to the psychiatrist and asked him if he should talk to the boy with black eyes?
And told him what if he needed anything. The psychiatrist said to Dylan that he should do it. It probably would help and he will tell you what he needed and you might be friends or something. That night Dylan asked the boy if he needed anything and the boy said “i need a friend can you be my friend” yes whispered Dylan and the boy turned real and he was called Damian now they always played together and Dylan’s mum adopted Damian. They lived happily together.

Damian and Dylan now both go to the same school and they play a lot of basketball. Also Dylan get his wonderful dreams back. Damian likes his new school pleasant park primary school. Damian is also three years older than Dylan. Dylan now only once every three months get a nightmare.