It all started with my hunger. I hopped off my bed, then I sneaked past mum who was writing a letter to Aunt Grace. I tiptoed out the door and quickly ran across the street.
“Ok I’m at the bakery I just need to get one loaf” whispered Hannah. She walked through the door and the bell on top rang.She forgot about the bell. Run!
“Come back here you thief!” thundered the man.
“Sorry” yelled Hannah.

Darkness, I can hardly remember what just happened. There are many people talking, then I hear a voice right next to me.
“Come on kid.” What’s happening? Let me remember, um I was hungry, then I saw Aunt Grace. No, mum was writing a letter to Aunt Grace. Then I played with the kids on the street. No, I ran across the street, then we went in the bakery. Wait! Oh no! Oh no! I stole. I can’t believe it, I stole. Now I’m going to die. I’m scared, I want mummy. I’m walking down the aisle and everyone is staring at me. Ok, I’m right in front of the judge.
“You will be sentenced to, let me think, transportation” said the judge. Phew.
“Wait, what?” Asked Hannah.
“ I said you will be transported to new Holland, is that clear?” repeated the judge.
“Can mum come with me?” Asked Hannah. Everyone in the room started to laugh, I’m guessing that’s a no.
“Take her away” ordered the judge.

Hannah waited with about a thousand other convicts.
“What ship will we be on?” asked a lady.
“I don’t know” said another.
“ Come on Eva, don’t let go of my hand” said a voice.
“ Mummy, why did you have to steal them shoes?” asked a little girl.
“Eva your feet were cold and dirty I had to” replied that voice.
“Ok” said the little one.
“Hannah Armstrong, the Lady Penrhyn” called a voice.
“Ok” called Hannah. Then the voice kept calling names and ships.
“Charlotte Hughes, the Friendship. Elizabeth Kennedy, the Charlotte. Betty Robinson, the Alexander. Deborah Ellam, the Prince of Wales. Last of all, Bernadette and Eva Davids on the lady penrhyn” panted the man.
“Wait, does that mean we’re leaving now? Oh no I’m scared” said Hannah.

I think I’m getting seasick. Uh, I don’t think looking over the edge is helping. It’s been a week and I’ve still not got used to it. Wait, is that water on the ground? I think we’re sinking, but everything is in perfect condition. Hang on, no it’s a little girl crying.
“What’s wrong?” asked Hannah. The girl didn’t say anything she just sobbed.
“Here, have my rag doll she will keep you company” said Hannah.
“Thank you, my, mother died” sobbed the girl.
“Well, you can stick with me” said Hannah.
“My name is Hannah” introduced Hannah.
“My name is Eva” introduced Eva.

“Land ahoy!” yelled a soldier. Everyone cheered, but it wasn’t all happy and cheery, there was a storm.
“Oh no” said Hannah.


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