The Frog Who Wanted To Live In The Moon

Excellence Award in the 'Horizon of Dreams 2018' competition

There was this Frog named Coco who always wanted to go live in the moon,

One day Coco saw an owl flying and started talking to the owl to help take him far far away up to the moon when he always wanted to live.

The owl said agreed and asked Coco to jump on his back so he can try to fly him up to the moon. The owl kept going up and up and up but started to get very tired because the moon was still far far away. The owl got really tired of flying and told Coco he can no longer fly. The owl than told Coco that going to the moon was really not possible and the truth was that they all belong on the ground.

The owl came back on the ground and Coco came to understand that living in the moon was only in his dreams. Coco still keeps dreaming of going and living on the moon one day.

Thank you for reading.

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